The Currency Of Time: Life’s Most Precious Commodity

Read time: 6 minutes

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The concept of time is elusive because, well, it stands still for no man.

Beyond time being an arbitrary number derived from the Earth’s axial rotation and orbital revolution around the sun, it is also the life currency that you can never regain after “spending” it. 

Those who accomplish their dreams in life understand this concept better than anybody, because they are the wisest barterers of their time.

Use your time wisely!

We are all allotted a certain amount of time in our lives, and it is those who spend it doing things they are passionate about that will achieve those aspirations.

Be thankful for every second you are given, tomorrow is never guaranteed, so do what you can today to better yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Ask yourself this question

If you were told today you had 3 months to live, would you be content with the things you’re currently doing? If not, hopefully the rest of this post I wrote will spur a change in your actions.

You’ve been given the time, use it wisely!

Now watch this video and most of all take control of your life!

You were born to do so much more than pay bills and die!


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