5 Strategies I Used To Grow My Instagram Following To Over 558,208 In Under 6 Months!

Read Time: 8 minutes

Let them sleep while you grind. let them party while you work. the difference will show.

Like most people, you're secretly hoping for a magic bullet... but you know such a thing doesn't exist for building a quality audience.

Although with the right strategies in place plus some dedication you'd be surprised at the results you can achieve!

Let's dive right into it

Strategy 1. Leverage Viral Content & Engagement

The first thing you must do is understand how the Instagram algorithm works. Without going into the technicalities of the algorithm, from my research and experience I have found it favors content that is:

  • Informational (content which educates and adds value)
  • Controversial (content which sparks discussion)
  • Viral Content (motivational content, memes, and entertaining videos)

    This is the type of content you must be producing if you really want your account to explode in growth!

    Strategy 2. Know when to post

    What's the point of having amazing content on your page if you don't know when to post it?

    According to my years of split testing and research, these time slots have worked really well for me!

    The best times to post are:

    • Monday: 8am - 12pm EST
    • Tuesday: 9am - 1pm EST
    • Wednesday: 9am - 1pm EST
    • Thursday: 9am - 1pm EST
    • Friday: 9am - 1pm EST
    • Saturday: 11am - 1pm EST
    • Sunday: 11am - 3pm EST

    Strategy 3. Use Relevant Hashtags to get more exposure

    The purpose of hashtags is to reach out to an audience that isn’t following you. It’s important to use the right hashtags if you want to get noticed by the right crowd.

    Let’s say you’re creating content related to a FIFA match, you shouldn’t just use #football because the term is too broad. Instead, use #FIFA, #FIFA2018, #FIFAWorldCup or #FIFAWorldCup2018.

    Before using a hashtag, also check out the search volume for it. You risk getting lost in the flurry of posts if your hashtags have search volumes that go into the millions. Also, analyze which hashtags are giving your posts more engagement, and try to use them more often.

    What is the best number of hashtags to use?

    Instagram allows usage of up to 30 hashtags in one post, but it is advisable to use only nine per post. SproutSocial found in a study that posts with 9 hashtags got the highest engagement rates.

    Strategy 4. Grow with Influencers (My fav strategy)

    I could talk on this topic for hours but I'll try make it short and straight to the point!

    1. Find influential pages or people in your industry with high engagement (lots of likes/comments)
    2. Contact them via email or DM and ask if they are interested in collaborating
    3. Negotiate a deal to get them to promote your Instagram page or product
    4. Monitor results to see how well the Shout out performed for you
    5. Rinse & Repeat! The goal is to get as many influencers posting you as you can!

    Pro Tip: Try to get them to post more natural and less advertisement-like the shout out posts as they get better engagement! 

    Strategy 5. Take advantage of Tools/Apps

    Ok here is a list of the apps/software which are incredibly helpful!

    • Adobe Lightroom CC: This app is free and powerful! The filters on this app are far superior to the Instagram filters and they really help your photos pop!
    • Igblade.com: I use this website to track the growth of Instagram accounts! This one is a must.
    • Instdown: Great for downloading Instagram videos straight to your phone.
    • Later: Helpful app which helps you easily schedule posts

    Well there you have it, I hope these tips are helpful.

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    PS: Stay tuned for my next blog posts/emails. I will be dropping some more knowledge bombs on you all!